WAN Optimization Solution

We understand the business challenges that networks must be able to deliver optimal performance to support the business needs. Business suffers when application performance is decreased, or when networks do not deliver optimal application performance. As today workforce becomes more mobile, information technology (IT) organizations face new challenges to provide LAN-like response time over the WAN.

The issue is significantly worse in dynamically changing IT environments. New users and applications are constantly added and the network infrastructure continually changes. Today business applications are running on your network and business need to have the right solutions to discover changes and need to have end-to-end visibility to be able to function in these dynamically changing environments. Our solution can help to solve these common challenges and it is designed to improve application performance and delivery to meet dynamically changing and expanding business needs on an ongoing basis.

The solutions that we are approaching are:

  • Identify applications running in your network
  • Gain end-to-end visibility
  • Optimize your network and applications
  • Control and protect business critical traffic


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