Data Management and Storage Solution

ATG SYSTEMS provides objective counsel regarding data storage strategies and solutions that must meet a variety
of business objectives—like minimizing costs, ensuring high availability, guaranteeing quick retrieval, or simply archiving to meet regulatory requirements. Our storage professionals provide the resources, expertise, proven methodologies, and leading-edge tools to deliver highly reliable and saleable data management solutions that minimize threats and maximize opportunities for your business such as:

 Business Continuance and High Availability Solutions
 High-Speed Backup and Recovery
 Enterprise Storage Consolidation
 Data Warehousing Infrastructure
 Multi-tier Storage Architectures
 Multi-vendor hardware and software storage integration
 Solutions that capture, store, manage and protect your data
 Extensive industry experience and project know-how
 Accelerated implementation and time to market
 Minimized staff time required for data management
Ultimately, we aim to help your business operate more effectively, more reliably, and more productively—making your business more profitable. To learn more about our data management and storage solutions, contact us at [email protected]

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