IT Service Management

ATG Systems’ IT Service Management (ITSM) facilitates the efficient and timely delivery of IT systems to cater to your business needs. We have led the industry in shifting ITSM towards a process- approach. Our approach is focused on linking service management improvements to the realisation of measurable business benefits, and away from a technology-centred approach that has often failed to deliver tangible value. We intend to become the consultancy of choice for organisations that:

  • Seek to adopt an holistic approach to service management across people, processes, organisational structure and technology
  • Need a partner who has the breadth of knowledge to tackle all IT management issues based on practical experiences gained worldwide.
ATG Systems is the leader in applying service management initiatives and are the consultancy of choice for organisations for whom service management is a fundamental and vital component. Offering consistent quality IT services to customers is a challenge for many organisations, especially in a market highly driven by e-Business. ATG Systems has assisted such organisations in both traditional businesses and the new economy to deliver real business benefits from IT investments using our approach to ITSM. ATG Systems builds integrated processes and organisational structures that leverage the best technology to create service management solutions for industry leaders. We help companies:

  • Build service management solutions based on best practice,
  • Identify business benefits and ensure that they are realised for the business needs,
  • Deliver maximum value from their IT investments by building excellence in IT service delivery.

Highlights of our approach to ITSM:

  • We can tailor our ITSM offering to suit the needs of your organisation
  • Based on best practices and proven experience
  • Adheres to public domain standards
  • Focuses on outcomes and business benefits
  • Is process-driven and technology-independent
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