Deploying Consolidated Data Center with FlexPod Solution for Bank Customer

One of the largest Banks in Myanmar wanted to build a truly digital bank to improve banking processes and operational efficiency and they enthusiastic to differentiating themselves from traditional bank competitors.

ATG Systems Co., Ltd was able to design & implement consolidated data center solution with FlexPod architecture for our bank customer. FlexPod is a single, convenient converged platform from NetApp, VMware & Cisco that manages the entire data center infrastructure. FlexPod is a leading integrated infrastructure supporting broad range of enterprise workloads and use cases.

With this FlexPod Solution, our customer can

  • Reduce the number of servers and the storage capacity that are needed for applications.
  • Gain operational efficiencies by using virtualization so that our customer can manage more systems and storage in less time.
  • Standardize their environment to more easily predict their budgets and support growth.
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